Andrea Dahlman

5 Things You Can Do To Support Your Gut Health for FREE

So many times in life we have to spend a bunch of money to see our health turn around but today I am sharing 5 ways you can improve your Gut Health for FREE.

Let’s get started:

Eat sitting down

Yes it’s that easy and has a huge benefit to your digestive system.   All your digestive juices are dependent on you being in a relaxed state which is more likely to happen if you are seated.  So sit down.


5 deep breaths before you eat and take a minute to chill out

By taking deep belly breaths you are helping your body move into a parasympathic state (rest and digest) – more digestive juices get made.   Meal time should NOT be a rushed event.  Chill out and take TIME to eat your meal.   (and yeah we are all busy…your digestive track doesn’t care)


Stay hydrated

All your digestive juices are dependent on how hydrated you are.  They have a harder time being produced in a dehydrated body.  I’m talking about WATER friends – not coffee, juices or tea (ok some herbal but not all).


Give your digestion a break – space meals every 3-4 hours

You have something in your small intestine called the MMC (migrating motor complex) it’s like your small intestine housekeeper which come through and clears the small intestine.  If you are always snacking…the MMC has a harder time doing it’s job.  Think trying to clean up after a toddler hard – just when you’ve got everything put away they dump a bin of legos.


Understand the difference between satiated and full

It’s a fine line and if you are struggling with weight or digestive issues I urge you to explore the difference.  We should eat meals that satisfy but we should rarely feel full.  Over eating portions for that full feeling is stressful to the digestive system.  At the end of a meal you want to say “I’m not hungry anymore” NOT “I feel stuffed”.


…So if you eat rushed, in a car, standing up until your stuffed – try and use one of these tips to help your body get more out of the meals you are consuming.  Your digestive track will thank you and in turn your health will as well.


Not sure how your digestive system is doing?  Take my FREE QUIZ  and see if you need more support.