Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before – I hired a professional stylist to give my wardrobe a bump in style and fashion.  Having a virtual practice has its benefit but having clothes to leave the house in isn’t one of them.  HELLO #yogapantseveryday.

Now before you think me rich or pretentious there’s a catch….she is also a professional thrifter.  She styles and shops for you at a local second hand store – so you get what is available at the time of your appointment.  There are 2 benefits I see to this – environmentally friendly – recycling – green me, and saves you a lot of money.

Here’s how it works.  You have a phone consultation where she gathers some basic information; what kinds of things you need, what you will be doing in the clothes, sizes, style preferences, etc.

Then you set a date.

On the determined day Kelly Anne goes to the agreed upon thrift store an hour before your appt and pulls a ton of items.  And I mean a TON.  When I arrived, she had us set up in the corner of the store with over 100 items – from shoes to coats and everything in-between.

You show up in black legging and a black tank top ….. cause there is NO TIME for dressings rooms. Then the fun begins.

She begins handing you items to try on.  First a pair of pants then multiply tops and shoes for styling.  You spend about 2 hours trying on clothes, styling them and weeding out things that are a no-go for you.  I tried on stuff I would never had taken off the rack but once on and styled it was a different story.

At the conclusion of the appt.  you determine what you will take home and what you leave behind.  Your budget determines what you will leave with.   I left with 30 items and most were well under $10.

Note: Kelly Anne messaged me to tell me that 5 of the items I purchased ($50 for me) 2nd hand would have cost me over $600 new.

I have a confession to make. I don’t buy my own clothes, I haven’t for over 15 years.  My husband buys nearly everything for me.  Yes, I know this is weird but after being in retail (my first career) for so long I just hate shopping.  With this experience I was able to give control over to someone else while still making style choices for myself.  It was a super fun evening.  I revamped my entire closet for pennies.  It would have taken me years to do this if I were buying everything new.

A couple things you have to get over:

  • Trying on clothes in front of people walking around the store. Yes, I was wearing leggings and a tank top but it’s still a little strange.
  • That you are trying on second hand clothes. I did come home and shower after the experience.
  • If you like it and it doesn’t fit – there’s not another size. OR as Kelly Anne would say you weren’t meant to have it.

This was a form of self-care.  If you follow me on social media (redeeming nutrition) then you know that I just did a huge closet purge.   As I’m getting older my body is changing and I want to honor those changes not fight against them.  Part of that for me is having outfits that feel age appropriate and comfortable.

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