Are you struggling with:

Acid reflux?




Brain Fog?



Did you know that these are all very common symptoms of food sensitivities?


What are food sensitivities?

Food sensitivities are an immune system response reaction that can cause people to feel fatigued, sick and suffer from symptoms like the ones listed above.

When you are sensitive to a particular food your immune system will respond by causing the release of chemicals called mediators (such as histamine, prostaglandins, cytokines) from white blood cells in the body.

These responses can be the root cause of your unwanted symptoms.  To make matter worse these reactions are often delayed making it hard to discern what foods (or chemicals) are causing the issues.

Food sensitivities should not be confused with a true food allergy where the body has an immediate know reaction like swelling or rashes.  And also, different than a food intolerance where the body is responding to a food because there is a lack of the necessary enzymes to break the food down (think lactose intolerance).

To help get to the root cause I use the MRT (Mediator Release Test).  This test identifies reactions to 170 different food and food-chemicals.

It takes into account all the reactions by your immune cells not just a single pathway like many other food sensitivity testing. The reactions are measured into reactive or moderately reactive categories and insignificant reactions in the low-reactive category.

Food sensitivities left unaddressed can increase the likelihood of more complicated health concerns as the body is continually inflamed immune system crisis.

Food sensitivity reactions affect up to 30% of the population. I feel that by using this test we can accurately identify foods, additives, and chemicals that are causing food sensitivity reactions and begin to rebalance your health.


Are you still struggling with health concerns?  Let’s chat and see if a food sensitivity test is the best fit for you.