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Signs of Leaky Gut

Signs You Have Leaky Gut

If you have been reading up on leaky gut, and you think you may have it, then you may want to start narrowing down the signs. There are several signs of leaky gut that can lead you to resolving your issues and to implement addressing your symptoms. You may also find that you can manage the signs and symptoms and work towards handling it on your own naturally, at least for a time. If you are wondering if your issues are actually signs, then here are a few to consider.

Inflamed Bowel Syndrome

One of the first signs that you have leaky gut is inflammation in the bowel. This inflammation can first be misdiagnosed as a symptom of Crohn’s Disease. You will notice that you are having some pain in your bowels, sensitivity to the area, and overall pain and discomfort. If you are having this symptom it is a sign that something is wrong, regardless of it being leaky gut or not. If it is related to leaky gut you will have other symptoms alongside this and all of them are due to the leaking of the toxins into your system causing havoc on the rest of your body.

Increased Food Sensitivity

Nearly everyone has some type of food sensitivity. They may not like hot foods, overly spicy foods, certain flavors, and certain textures. This becomes a sign of leaky gut when you start noticing it isn’t just your personal likes and dislikes and it is overall affecting your body as a whole. You may start noticing that pizza, for example, is irritating your stomach to a drastic level. That means you may be having adverse bowel issues such as constipation lasting more than one day or the opposite  may happen where you may have serval days of diarrhea. These are signs that something is not processing right with your intestines and could be related to leaky gut issues.  Ignoring these signs is not a good idea as they often become more chronic over time.


If you take supplements or vitamins daily and you have noticed that you are not getting the same benefit or feeling from them, this could be a sign of leaky gut. What this means is that the vitamins and supplements you are taking are actually not being processed properly and are leaking out with the toxins. Your body isn’t being given the chance to absorb them properly and therefore it may seem like you need to take more or change brands. When you do this often, you may start thinking they aren’t working anymore. This is usually referred to as malabsorption and is directly related to leaky gut.

These are the three key signs that you do in fact have leaky gut. If you find that these signs sound like your issues, then reach out and let’s talk.  There may be natural ways to improve your gut health or supplements that may help with specific leaky gut issues.

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