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Top Supplements for Leaky Gut

Top Supplements For Leaky Gut

If you are having issues with leaky gut, you may have already tried to change your diet or make some changes to improve your gut health. This can work out fairly well for a time, but you may find that you need a boost in your gut health to improve your leaky gut issues. If this sounds like the stage you’re in with your health, then you may be considering supplements. Here are a few of the top supplements for leaky gut and how to take them for optimal help.


Probiotics are very easy to find and even easier to add to your diet for your leaky gut issues. These can be most easily found in powder form that can be added by the spoonful or packet to drinks or food. Most people add them to a glass of water or juice in the morning or add them to things like plain greek yogurt. I prefer capsuled probiotics so they can remain alive through digestion and are seeded into the colon.  Probioitics help deliver healthy bacterias to your diet that help with digestion and moving the foods through your system easily so they don’t form blockages and cause more leakage.

Look for brands that are keep in the refrigerated section of your health food stores.  Important strains should include Lactobacillus and Bifdobacterium.   You should rotate your probiotics at least 3 times a year – and rotate the amount of bacteria (10billion>>25billion>>15billion) in those choices.   Diversity in your microbiome environment is key towards good digestive health.

New to probiotics?  Less is more.  Start with a lower strain/population and work to increase over time. EVERYone should take a probiotic now and then to help keep your microbiome strong and diverse.


Fiber is something that most people think must come from fruits or vegetables. Though these are great sources, they are not something that someone can get enough of daily to help with their leaky gut issues. That being side you can find fiber in powder form that can be easily added to water or juice once a day. I like Acacia fiber – it is gentle enough for most people and doesn’t cause bloating like some other fibers can. Fiber helps break down your foods and helps reduce blockages in your system. Blockages can cause more strain on your intestines and cause more leakages. If the blockages are reduced so is the leakage to the system.

If you are new to adding fiber start slow, begin with only 1tsp and slowly work yourself up to 2 TBS over a period of weeks.

** it is important to note that if you increase fiber – you MUST make sure you are well hydrated or you can run the risk of creating constipation.

Collagen Powder

Collagen powder is something that many people may not be aware of. This powder is what is contained in bone broth that makes it so effective in overall health and immune issues that occur during cold and flu season. The trick to this powder is that it is mainly found in health food stores, so if you can’t find it in your local grocery, try a health food or natural food store. This is not vegan, so keep that in mind if you are living a vegan lifestyle. I like the Great Lakes Brand or Vital proteins both offer quality sources of collagen.  Vital Proteins can be found at Costco.

By putting one or a combination of these three supplements into action, you will see a benefit to your leaky gut issue and your overall gut health. Remember, you can add these supplements in your juicing or your smoothies as well as capsule options.

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