Rebalance Digestion

Ready to take a deep dive into your digestive health?

When your digestion is out of balance - it throws your whole life out of balance.

My Digestive Wellness Program helps to address your digestive distresses by looking your body as a whole.

We spend time in partnership working on identifying your imbalances and developing a personalize plan to address them. 


This program includes and uncovers:

  • how to banish bloat and constipation and other digestive symptoms  
  • how to listen to your body
  • we work on mind/body connection by reframing your thought life  
  • identify food sensitivities
  • learn how to choose the best food for you in a sustainable life changing way - no more guessing
  • uncover other factors that may be causing imbalances using deep dive testing - (optional)


What's included:

8 -  appointments  (60min -1x a week for first month, then 30mins - every other week for two months)

Appointment summaries with actions steps

Customized nutritional solution plan with food map, starting menu plan and recipes based on your needs.

Weekly exercises to work on mind body (and microbiome) connection.

Accountability, Support and Partnership from me as we work toward your goals.  

*Optional add on testing (stool, food sensitivity, blood labs) 


I get it.  It's frustrating to feel like there are no solutions, no answers, no help.  Let me help you bridge the gap and come along side you to support you as we work you back into the health you want and deserve.

I bet you’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to take control of your digestive health… and how quickly you notice a change!

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