Every person’s digestive health is unique, so the plan that’s best for them should be tailored to their specific needs to restore their health.

As your personal digestive expert - I’ll work with you to clear a realistic, attainable path to address your IBS and digestive stress.

Together, we’ll uncover the root causes of where your digestive disfunction is coming from. Sometimes the answers lie in other systems in the body (like our thyroid or brain health).

Don’t worry, I treat all my clients with care and compassion (after all, food is a very personal thing for most people). Still. I don’t have a problem giving you a nudge forward when you need it. And that’s the difference between simply knowing what to do… and getting it done!

And rest assured that I’ll never be the person who thinks she has all the answers.

I’m continually learning and growing through practical experience and post-graduate training.

I want to make sure I remain the most educated, knowledgeable digestive expert you could ever ask for!

Here's How I can Help You...

Through my programs and coaching, I can provide you with the support you need
to discover the perfect nutritional plan for GUT restoration.


Hop on a free 20min call to determine if I am the right fit for your health goals.

Let's chat and discuss what your concerns are and the health goals you have.  After this appointment if we are a match we will book you into an Initial Consultation.


*Thank you for your interest in working with me.  My new client load is currently full until the middle of April 2021 - please do book a discovery call to get on my waiting list - if a cancellation happens you might be able to be seen sooner*


EVERYONE Starts HERE with an Initial Consultation

Everyone starts HERE - we will look to uncover, discover, and finally get to the bottom of IBS, digestive stress and related chronic conditions. 

Includes initial appointment, nutritional assessment questionnaire, food journal review and a bio-individual starting plan.

You can expect to learn where the root causes may be coming from.  We will establish simple action steps to overcome obstacles.

Clients experience a new sense of understanding over old habits and obstacles that were previously holding their health and digestion in a stressed state.



Balancing Health and Digestion Packages 

Package clients have completed an initial appointment and are ready to move into longer term support.  They may have chronic health concerns, have unresolved digestive issues or feel stuck can’t seem to move their health forward. 

Includes:  virtual appointments, nutritional assessment questionnaire, bio-individual plan, suggested meal plans and email support between appointments. (Lab work may be suggested.  Number of appointment are determine by package level)

This is an in-depth look at your nutritional status.  You receive a bio-individual plan to address your digestive imbalances.  We also work through obstacles keeping you from moving your health forward.

Lab work may be suggested to further understanding of what is out of balance.  Supplements may be suggested in this plan to support your body.*

Clients gain new insights, support and confidence that their health concerns are being addressed at the root cause.

Which package is right for you is determined AFTER your initial consultation - there are 3 levels of service to choose from.

NOTE: *Labs/Supplements are additional cost. **Labs not available in NY, NJ and RI.

Returning Clients 

30 and 60 min appointments available for returning and established clients.

Returning clients are any client not currently in a package and have been seen in the last 12 months.  

Welcome back - always glad to help you reset your health back on track.  I know that sometime we just need some redirection - it's ok, I'm happy to support your health goals.

30 Min Appt <<click HERE>>

60 Min Appt <<click HERE>>






Not sure where to start or want to talk first? - GREAT!

Set up a free discovery call and talk with Andrea to determine what would be best for you.

"When I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease 4 years ago I knew would need to take medication but also wanted to work with a nutritionist to help me manage my flares and digestive health. Andrea is that person who is my trusted advisor and has helped me keep my Crohn's under control. She is a valuable member of my healthcare team, someone I trust immensely with my health."     

- Amanda D.

Learn more about the assessment tools Andrea uses