To Create Change – I’m Making Changes (to My Business)! //

I have some exciting changes that I wanted to share with you.

2018 has been a year of growing pains for my business. I have been in this nutrition space now for 7 years and I realized that I am ready for something new, something fresh.

My husband asked me, “Well… what do you love about your work? What would get you out of bed in the morning? What challenges do you enjoy working with the most?”

After really thinking this through, I honestly kept coming back to the same answer: Poop.

Now if you worked with me or know me – I talk about poop a lot. It is an area of complete and utter fascination to me. I can read about it and study for days on this topic. Getting a stool panel returned is like Christmas morning for me. I honestly get super excited to learn about the client in this way. But I don’t only love the end product – I love everything that happens from your first fork full of food to the flush of the toilet – the entire digestive process from start to finish.

This was a light bulb moment! Ding. While I love helping people, I know that I love helping the digestively challenged clients the most. Honestly, I’ve rarely turned a potential client away in 7 years, but I now know that I need to be more focused for the clients I want to help and where I am most gifted.

So this has led me to create changes in my practice – to become more focused.

Here are the highlights:

  1. My nutrition practice will be focused on digestive health/IBS. While I may still see people outside that area – I want to be a digestive expert for my clients.
  2. I will still offer seasonal online cleanses with refocusing around digestive health. 
  3. I’ve closed both of my physical offices: while I do love meeting people in-person, I now understand that time is a valuable resource and I can get the same work done via Skype/Zoom/Online portal. This serves my clients and reaches potential clients outside my zip code.
  4. If you follow me on social media, you will start to see a slight bend in my messaging/content towards digestive health/IBS.  

If you are a past client and don’t have digestive challenges but want to come back – please know I will still see you. This is just a refocus for the future. 
I hope that you continue to get value from the information I send, and if you or someone you love have digestive imbalances, I hope you think of me for support/care.
If you haven’t visited my website in a while, you will want to take a peek. At the bottom of the homepage, there is a new freebie – on Mastering Digestive Gut Health – if that’s not for you, perhaps you might know someone who can use the information – sharing is caring. 
Check out my new program offerings:  
Gut Check (phase 1)
New Digestive Wellness Program (phase 2)

I’ve been busy behind the scenes trying to put together the best for my clients.  
My programs will not only focus on digestive health, but I’ve developed a 3-pronged approached to address the MIND, BODY, and MICROBIOME to ensure that clients see long-term health changes.   
When I was getting client feedback like this, I knew I had found my area of expertise:

I would recommend Andrea to anyone stuck without answers in regards to their digestion and nutrition. I’d been sick for a very long time. I’ve seen GI doctors, dieticians, and allergists. She has a very huge base of knowledge that helps so much in uncovering the root of what is happening. I have her to thank for how much better I feel each day!” – Karina B.
“When I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 4 years ago, I knew would need to take medication but also wanted to work with a nutritionist to help me manage my flares and digestive health. Andrea is that person who is my trusted advisor and has helped me keep my Crohn’s under control. She is a valuable member of my healthcare team, someone I trust immensely with my health.” – Amanda D.

Thank you for your continued support!