6 Ways to Use Your Lunch Break as a Mid-Day Refresh

6 Ways to Use Your Lunch Break as a Mid-Day Refresh // andreadahlman.com

Lunch breaks are proven to increase productivity and are a great time to refresh and recoup for the rest of the day. However, too many of us are working through lunch breaks or are wasting them by doing nothing at all. It’s time to make the most out of your lunch break and start doing things that will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized for the rest of your day.

Here are a few ways I love to hack my lunch break into a mid-day refresh:

Get outside or get moving! – Sitting at your desk for hours each day can take a toll on both your mental and physical well-being. Utilize your lunch break to get some fresh air and move your body. There is nothing more refreshing than fresh air, and it is a chance for you to stretch and clear your mind. Even if you don’t go outside, get up from your desk and stretch your legs. If you have the time, you might even take a short online fitness class or do a mini-workout.

Eat a healthy lunch – You have enough time during your break to eat mindfully and enjoy your meal, so why are you chowing down a protein bar and calling it lunch? Make yourself a proper meal full of nutrients that will keep you satisfied for the rest of your workday. If you don’t have much time during your break, you can prepare your lunch the night before to cut down on prep time.

Rest your mind and/or your body – If you want to rest and relax, do it properly. Stop staring at your computer screen and scrolling through your phone. Get away from your desk, get comfortable and really take some time to rest. Taking a proper lunch break will increase your productivity and energy levels for the latter half of the day. Read a book, meditate, or simply rest your eyes for a few minutes. Do something for yourself.

Socialize and catch up with friends – Nowadays, it isn’t easy to meet up with people as most of us work from home, but you can still call a friend during your lunch break and catch up. Socializing is a great way to take a break from work and destress. If you have some extra time, you can meet up with a friend nearby and go for a walk or coffee date. It doesn’t have to be a big social event; having any form of social interaction will do wonders for your well-being.

Switch up your lunchtime routine – If you’re stuck in the same routine every day, your break can start to feel monotonous. Switch it up and try something new once in a while. If you always go to the same coffee shop, try out a different one or order a drink you haven’t tried before. Novelty adds excitement to our lives and leaves us feeling refreshed and energized. It also gives you extra motivation in the mornings when you know you have something new and exciting to look forward to during your lunch break.

Take a look at your to-do list – Your lunch break is a great mid-day checkpoint for your to-do list so that you can see what you have left to do. Don’t focus too much on it, as you don’t want to create more stress during your break, but it can help you get better organized and plan the rest of your day more efficiently.

Looking at your lunch break as an actual break will help you not fill it with your to-do list. Use this time as a mid-day refresh to fill your cup for the rest of the day.


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